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  • Point of Difference
  • Exclusivity
  • Our Methodology
  • Placement Guarantee
  • Our Values

Point of Difference

At Robinson Recruitment we believe that honesty and integrity are the two most integral values required within the recruitment industry.  We are well versed in interview techniques, reference and resume validation skills, both imperative when eliminating risk.


At Robinson Recruitment you are provided with an exclusive Account Manager to service your recruitment needs.  We also provide our candidates exclusively.  A candidate will not be referred to any other client until you eliminate them from your shortlist.

Our Methodology

We have a permanent recruitment business model and methodology from which we operate that ensures a successful, timely recruitment exercise.  We understand the importance of a candidate being the “right fit”, combined with possessing the skills and knowledge required.

Placement Guarantee

A placement guarantee is included in every assignment undertaken by Robinson Recruitment.  We keep in contact during the probation period and thereafter, to ensure the appointment is proceeding smoothly for both parties.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Courage and Innovation are the values that determine how we operate as a business.

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Monday, 15 Aug 2022


At Robinson Recruitment, our goal is to become recognised by clients and candidates as the organisation who deliver on their promises, fulfil their commitments and continually invest in the quality of our relationships with our clients and candidates. Robinson Recruitment takes pride in the structure, business model and methodology from which we recruit.