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Thursday, 26 May 2022

Recruitment Process

Robinson Recruitment recommends the following recruitment process.


Candidate sourcing and screening

Robinson Recruitment searches a database of registered candidates, combined with internet advertising which ensures we have access to the best possible candidates.


Medium - Seek or My Career Internet Advertising.


Robinson Recruitment conducts independent telephone screening with each prospective candidate.  We base our selection on attitude and cultural fit, not excluding skills and knowledge.  All prospective candidates are responded to, irrelevant of whether their application is successful or not.


On conclusion of this preliminary exercise, Robinson Recruitment will present the client with a verbal report providing a brief synopsis on each potential candidate.  Robinson Recruitment will update the client on progress at each stage.


Consultant Interviewing and Short listing

Robinson Recruitment will conduct interviews with selected candidates using a combination of behavioural and competency-based interview techniques.  High potential candidates will be reference-checked and a short-list of candidates will be presented to the client.


Robinson Recruitment will endeavour to present the client with three (3) short listed candidates for the position; however, the final number will be determined by the strength of the market.  Only candidates that meet requirements will be put forward.

Client Interviewing and Selection

Robinson Recruitment will arrange for candidates to attend client interviews, and will provide candidate feedback on completion of interviews.


Following selection of a preferred candidate, Robinson Recruitment will conduct a second reference check.  Once an offer has been confirmed, Robinson Recruitment will provide a confirmation letter, confirming start date and remuneration to both the candidate and the client.

Probation/Guarantee Period Monitoring

Robinson Recruitment will maintain close contact with both the client and the successful candidate throughout the guarantee period and thereafter.  Our objective is to ensure the appointment is proceeding smoothly for both parties.   Robinson Recruitment will make contact with the client and the successful candidate in the first and second week, and will continue to monitor progress on a monthly basis.

Professional Fees

Robinson Recruitment will structure its’ professional fees to reflect our genuine desire to establish a long lasting relationship with the client.

Placement Guarantee

A placement guarantee is included with every assignment undertaken by Robinson Recruitment.  Standard terms incorporate a three (3) month guarantee period.